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About Computer Pro


We offer comprehensive technology services encompassing the areas of office automation, accounting systems, overall systems design, network cabling and installation, database design, data storage, backup, archiving and retrieval, data communications, E-mail, and WWW access.

Our consultants deliver on-site services throughout the greater Santa Barbara area. 
Although we love implementing great technology, building relationships is our number one priority. Our business is based on providing our customers with optimal technology solutions: that is the best combination of products and services that fit their needs. We are able to do this by leveraging the following strengths: 

  • Keeping first Things first: Our clients are in business to make money. The bottom line is just as important to them as it is to us. Our job is to do what we do best, so they can do what they do best! 
  • Providing Solutions: We listen to our clients. Before proposing a solution, we make sure we understand the client's expectations and the challenges in achieving their goals. We evaluate the big picture: We ask the questions that take into consideration all project elements - expected outcomes, budget, time lines, human factors, mechanical, logistical & political challenges. From this perspective we can prepare proposals that encompass the "nitty-gritty" details of the total solution.
  • Results Oriented: Our employees are action oriented with a "we can do it now" attitude. 
  • Involved: Personal and personable! We pride ourselves in building professional relationships with open, honest & candid communication. This is a top priority. When we work with a client, we all become part of a team. We have a vested interest in, and responsibility for, their technology needs. 
  • Responsive: Rapid response to client's needs for technical support, service and products. We can usually provide technical support by phone right away, same day on-site service (competitive with extended warranty service), and deliver hardware & software products within 24 hours (competitive with mail order). 
  • Thorough: The job is not done until the client is completely satisfied. We take care of the details; "no if, ands or buts". 
  • We are in business because we fill some of the following needs: 
    Fast response to computer/ network problems .
  • On-going, outsourced technical support for small businesses without permanent technology personnel. 
  • Temporary technology services on a project basis. 
  • Education and training for clients on (new) technology.
  • Watchdog services for important technology changes that effect our clients. 
  • Documentation and design services. 

Mission Statement:
To build relationships that empower our clients and ourselves to achieve excellence by utilizing integrated technology based solutions in the areas of office automation, computer networking, telecommunications, remote access and the Internet. 
Our first responsibility is to the customers who use our services and products. In order to achieve our Mission, Computer Pro commits to the following in carrying out day-to-day business: 

  1. Putting people above things by developing and improving on open, honest & candid relationships.
  2. Providing the highest level of service and support by listening carefully and responding appropriately.
  3. Continually learning and teaching.
  4. Communicating clearly our expectations and commitments.
  5. Looking for every opportunity to grow our client's businesses.
  6. Following the philosophy that our clients are why we exist. 
  7. Being actively involved in our community.
  8. Pursuing excellence in all our endeavors.
  9. Acting with integrity and passion in all our affairs. Through a long-term commitment to our mission, we will be known as one of the best places to work with and for.


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Computer Pro was originally founded in 1987 by Dave and Pam Merrill. Computer Pro is in the business of providing computer and networking consulting, sales, service, and support.

This includes systems consulting, product sales, installation of hardware & software, customization, configuration, training, administration, project management and technical support of workstations, servers, local and wide area networks, remote access, and data communications technology.


Lenovo 3000
Laptop 15.4"
3000 N100 T2080
1.73G 1GB

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Q: My computer goes to a blue screen with a bunch of “memory dump” code on it.  What does that mean?

A: It means we need to clean up your computer’s temporary files, and tune it for better performance.  Your computer is currently having difficulty using its short-term memory because functions are taking up space that probably shouldn’t be there any longer.  We’ll diagnose your problems and make sure your computer is running great!

All The Right Reasons

We are in business because we fulfill many important needs for the community: fast response to any problem, on-going technical support for small businesses without permanent technology personnel, technology on a project basis, education and training, watchdog services for important technology changes that affect our clients, documentation and design services. Call us today!